a companion chapter to Interactive Art and Embodiment: The Implicit Body as Performance

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Introduction to an Experiment

On the balls of my feet, I involuntarily hover in the doorway to my supervisor’s office. ‘Was there something else you needed?’ Linda asks me, not even turning to face me from her computer. I want there to be. I rack my brain for a second, trying to think through how to voice my anxieties, [...]

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It’s Not Really Autoethnographic, but OK

Nicole Ridgway, my sometimes collaborator and often-cited scholar, is also my life partner. It’s mid-2008 and I’ve just walked into our tiny flat in Dublin; I’m doing that doorway-hovering thing again, so she knows I want to speak with her. Nicole puts her finger on her lips and nods towards our two-year-old daughter, Sidonie Ridgway [...]

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Approaching the Implicit

I recently redesigned my web site.7 Instead of breaking the works up individually by date or medium or concept alone – which is how many sites are organized,8 but I feel can limit how people understand the work, and body of work – I set up a cross-referenced tagging system and database, like a blog. [...]

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Near the launch-time of hektor.net, I was simultaneously learning how to develop physical computing projects and use computer vision software, so my next questions flowed relatively easily from the last. I wondered about provoking and framing activity. I began to ask, ‘How might I actually instigate exploratory movements, and place emphasis on their potential, experience, [...]

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‘It’s not that it feels dishonest, really,’ I’m saying to Nicole. ‘It’s just that….’ I struggle to find the words, ‘the way I’m telling it….’ I sigh. ‘It feels so… so… so inevitable.’ Nicole looks up at up me from what she’s doing, with her eyes but not her head. She’s blowing on a spoonful [...]

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‘Nicks?’ I whisper tentatively. I just got back from a day of administrative crap I had to finish at Trinity. I barely take off my coat and hang it up, and already I’m doing my doorway hovering, eyebrows knitted. My brain has been buzzing with the last few sections I need to write before we [...]

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Four years later

It’s more than four years later as I write this section. I passed my viva with no revisions – and this chapter was a highlight for my reviewers, both external and internal. I’m tenured in Peck School of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Nicole teaches part-time in the graduate program, and is working [...]

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Adler, P. and Adler, P. (1987) Membership Roles in Field Research, Thousand Oaks: Sage. Anderson, L. (2006) ‘Analytic Autoethnography’, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography(35): 373-395. Austin, J. (1962) How to do Things with Words: The William James Lectures Delivered at Harvard University in 1955, Oxford: Clarendon. Bal, M. (1997) Narratology: Introduction to the Theory of Narrative, [...]

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